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I review your stuff!

2007-11-27 11:31:24 by ErikPaladin

If you want your music to be reviewed with constructive comentaries, request it here. The only thing I ask in order to do this is a review of one of my musics.


Desert Raider!!!

2007-11-17 13:29:14 by ErikPaladin


Oh yeah! New music baby! Just submited the demo version of "Desert Raider" (pretty cool name, huh?). Arabian-themed song. I just loved it! Review it, or DIE!


Just to be clear...

2007-10-31 12:30:30 by ErikPaladin

Well, as a lot of people asked me this question, I will answer it once and for all: No, I'm not related to Dan Paladin, I have nothing to do with him, and our nick names are just a coincidence, even though I really wished I had something to do with Dan... Just to be really clear, I always used"ErikPaladin" as my nick name, so it wasn't a copy of Dan Paladin.